Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (2024)

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (1)

Fairy Tail. One of the most popular anime series of all time. With its simple and entertaining narrative, fans got to experience something they never did before.

And that was one of the many reasons why this show skyrocketed in popularity back when it first aired.

However, I felt that amongst all those qualities that made this show go from good to great, characters are something that people don’t talk about enough.

Therefore, to bring some attention to our Mages, I decided to create this list. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to tell you about the Best Fairy Tail Characters.

The one who charm-casted your childhood and shaped it forever will all be on this list.

So grab your future orb, lay back on your seat, and let’s dive deep into this realm of magic.

I hope you enjoy it.


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1. Dragneel Natsu

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (2)

I mean come on guys. This shouldn’t be a shock to us. After all, it’s our boy Natsu who made this show so good.

This man right here is the wielder of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and also happens to be the leader of his team.

A cheerful and outgoing mage whose strength is nothing to be tolerant about. His strength is what has given him the Salamander title by those who meet him.

And I believe that is more than enough evidence to tell us how brilliant this man is.

The fact that he is also grateful and appreciative towards his friends, makes him worthy of love and respect amongst us. And that’s why Natsu’s presence on this list is as natural as it gets.

This man carried the show like a champ and thus, he deserves our love and appreciation.


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2. Scarlet Erza

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (3)

If you are one of those who think that women can’t be super powerful, you have never seen Scarlet Erza.

Because she is a beast in the series. To tell you about her a bit, she is an S-class mage who is known to be the strongest female who still does her job.

Not only is her combat prowess insane but her design is also quite impressive. To express her dominant nature, she wears knight armour and has waist-long hair.

Even their hair is red and that is another symbol of her fierce nature if you ask me.

Erza is a character that adds concrete value to the series as well as gives us a positive perspective about female anime characters altogether.

And so, if you are seeing her so high on our list, it’s all because of her capabilities and performances within the domain of this show.


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3. Fullbuster Gray

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (4)

Ever since I first heard his name, I knew that he was hiding so great potential.

And in the anime, I was proven right. Multiple times. And that’s why this man also deserves the love and honour that this spot bestows.

His magic style is Ice and they are specifically known as Ice-Make and Ice Magic.

However, being familiarised with ice makes him somewhat invulnerable to weather and therefore, clothes are not on his list of important things.

He holds a friendly rivalry with our boy Natsu. And that rivalry is what stretches his character in the right direction.

He may seem intimidating at first, however, a person like him is bound to gain respect, and appreciation from fans, all thanks to his actions in the anime and the demeanour that he holds.


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4. Heartfilia Lucy

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (5)

Known by many as the heart of the show, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you about Lucy.

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the primary characters in the anime and she also happens to be a mage.

However, her magic particularly focuses on Celestial Spirit Magic. And this style of magic is quite helpful as we see in the series.

She is also a part of Fairy Tail and that’s how she comes close to Natsu and his team.

While she is often shipped with Natsu, unlike other popular female characters, her personality isn’t just limited or fixated towards Natsu.

Instead, this woman is a lot more than what meets the eye. And therefore, if you are someone who is in search for some high value anime women then Lucy must be your pick.

5. Happy

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (6)

How can we not like a character whose name is literally, “Happy”? He is an awesome being from the realm of Fairy Tail who added so much more fun to the show by being on the side.

He has some mystical powers and access to human speech. And for a cat to have these many powers, that is quite a feat if you ask me.

Moreover, we already have access to how great Happy was to the overall series. Because if my memory serves right, he won the Favorite Companion Creature award back in Funimation Anime Awards.

And that’s quite a victory for him. As a supporting character, Happy has always justified his position in the series. And it’s all because of Happy that people started looking very positively and ambitiously towards other supporting pet characters in anime like Spy x Family.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Happy laid the foundation or benchmark for such characters. And that’s amazing if you ask me.

6. Lockser Juvia

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (7)

For many of you, she might be a new character. However, let’s just say that she is quite a crazy individual.

Especially if we talk about her skills. She was almost 25% of the Phantom Lord’s Elite group.

And this group is also known as Element 4. Her magic is focused on water and control of water.

So that’s another piece of reference for us. As for her design, it gives off the water queen vibe to anyone who looks at her.

And her attire is also quite stunning. With all these things coming together, we can all say that Juvia is a beautiful beast with whom, you wouldn’t wanna mess up.

7. Fernandes Jellal

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (8)

Oh boy, the bad guy is here, ladies and gentlemen. Jellal is a beast. And if you have watched the series, you would comprehend why I am saying so.

Jellal is one of the young members of the Magic Council and serves as the main antagonist of the series.

Yup, he is the bad guy here. Let’s talk about his design now. It is quite remarkable if you ask me.

Apart from the fact that it was influenced by Rave Master’s Seig Hart, I think he looks quite like mayhem for anyone and everyone who knows how light-hearted the anime is.

And that is what makes us love this man so much.

8. Redfox Gajeel

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (9)

Yeah, I know. I thought the same thing. In terms of design, this man looks like a monster.

I mean with all the stuff studded on his face. Quite intimidating, I must say.

The Iron Dragon Slaying Magic-User Redfox Gajeel is one interesting being. First up, he is an interesting individual who gets along with people in his way.

And being the mage that he is, his ways include quite a lot of magic.

His thoughts hold the Phantom guild to be exceptional but we still see him have a positive outlook on the Fairy Tail guild.

And that’s why he is here.

9. Dreyar Laxus

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (10)

Just by looking at home, many of you might look at him as a villain.

And I don’t blame you guys. After all, this man has quite a manly appearance.

And this becomes truer assuming that his design goes against the normal style of Fairy Tail characters.

And that is why he is here. If you look at his face, you will see a bolt, and that’s because he is a Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic User.

Which is quite a powerful style of magic, I can tell you that much. And with all these things in place, this S-class mage made his way to this list and this spot.

10. Zeref

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (11)

Oh boy. I think we can all agree that the conditions have become quite dark.

And this shouldn’t come as any surprise bearing that he is a man of evil.

Yes, he is darker than black. Zeref is a human wizard who is known by everyone as the most powerful and evil mage in the entire world.

His darkness is no joke and oh boy, he is quite a monster in the books of history.

Hell, even dark guilds were created to revive him. And that is quite a feat if you ask me.

Being able to stand on such a high pedestal makes this being, one of his kind.

11. Marvell Wendy

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (12)

This cute little girl seems so harmless. But don’t be misjudged here. Because she has the power to kill dragons in an instant.

And that is what makes her so special. As said before, she is the Dragon Slayer of the Sky which makes her magically related to Natsu and Gajeel.

And that’s what makes her stand out even more. Her magic particularly allows her to be like a healer who uses her abilities to aid the wounded.

And that is quite a great power. However, the restriction here is that her magic doesn’t work properly in polluted areas.

12. Strauss Mirajane

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (13)

Oh boy! The Waifu of the show has arrived. Take your hands together for the excellent Strauss Mirajane.

Strauss is an S-class mage who works as a waitress. More particularly, she is the head waitress which gives her even more weight.

Moreover, she is also a model for Sorcerer Magazine. And back in her prime days, she was known as the Demon based on her will and ability to fight.

For someone who looks as gorgeous as her, that is just a straight-up plus for the lovers of this character.

And that is why she is here as well.

13. Vermillion Mavis

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (14)

She is the one who started it all. The legendary Fairy Tail guild was created by this beautiful girl.

Vermillion Mavis was the first master and founder of the Fairy Tail Guild. And that is quite a feat if you ask me.

Gives me some Madara and Hashirama vibes from the title. In the anime, she is treated as a legend, and there seem to be some photos lying around as well.

Those who have watched the show will know. The best part about her is that she is incredible in tactics and techniques.

And that’s why she is here.

14. Clive Gildarts

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (15)

Clive, oh Clive. Quite a monster I must say. For those of you who don’t know, Clive is one of the S classmates in the show.

And what makes him so unique is the fact that he was identified as the Strongest Member of the Guild under Makarov.

And that is a great factor of consideration. Moreover, we still don’t know if Makarov is stronger than him or not.

And that’s why Clive deserves to be here. For someone of his calibre, he is quite a man of virtue and value.

And I think that’s also the reason why this man is standing here.

15. Mystogan

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (16)

Mystogan is a former S-class mage of Fairy Tail and right now, acts as the King of a certain group.

Here’s the deal, I can already see that many of you have realized something special about this entry.

And that’s what the hardcore fans wouldn’t notice. But if I tell it to a light-hearted fan, things will work out.

As for those of you who don’t know who Mystogan is, I won’t spoil you at all.

All I will say is that he deserves some more recognition from you while watching the anime.

And that’s why he is here.

16. McGarden Levy

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (17)

Standing alongside Jet and Dory, we have McGarden Levy. She is a gorgeous and cheerful girl who is capable to be with anyone and everyone in the guild.

Levy is a fan of books and happened to get close to Lucy very quickly.

And that’s quite the reason why she got on the main screen. Her magic is known as the Solid Script Magic.

And that’s she is here, ladies and gentlemen. If we talk about her design, that’s also quite attractive and adorable which makes her so much more captivating and memorable.

17. Loki

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (18)

No. This isn’t the Loki you are assuming him to be. I mean if you are more of an anime fan than a Marvel fan then your case will be different.

But this Loki is a bit different from the God we are used to. Loki is a part of the Fairy Tail guild and has a very interesting nature.

He always works his way with women and happens to have a tagline called “Mage you want to have as your boyfriend”.

Yup, he is quite something like a character. And that’s not the only feature. He is quite strong as well so that’s another reason why you can simp on him

18. Eucliffe Sting

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (19)

Oh my. Seems like a handsome hunk has arrived. Known to be the White Dragon, we have Sting.

He is one of the mages in the strongest guild named Fiore, the Sabertooth. Moreover, he has overcome Lector like his fellow dragon slayers.

And that’s a bit reason why this man is so high on this list. Interestingly enough, he seems to have a fondness for our boy Natsu.

Well, that’s quite an act for someone like him. As for what he doesn’t like, well that’s his previous guild.

All in all, a fun character.

19. Frosch

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (20)

Woah would you look at that? Quite an adorable character has made his way to the list, weebs.

Allow me to tell you about Frosch. He is one of the Exceeds in the show and happens to have Aera as his strength.

Moreover, he is not a fan of earthworms at all. Hates them so much. By the way, he is an Exceed of Rogue Chenny.

Just wanted to let you know. And another piece of trivia is that he easily agrees with Lector and whatever Lector has to say.

He blindly follows Lector and won’t even care if it is right or wrong.

Which makes him even more interesting, doesn’t it?

20. Cheney Rogue

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (21)

Woah. We have quite a character over here, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to tell you about Cheney Rogue.

He is your typical dragon slayer so there might not seem anything extravagant from the outside.

However, when you know his details, you will see how important he is. He is a shadow dragon slayer and that’s why he hates daytime so much.

Moreover, he is a part of the strongest guild in Fiore, the Sabertooth. And that’s one of the reasons why his appearance can be notable.

Also, he happens to have Frosch as his Exceed. And that completes him.

21. Milkovich Ultear

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (22)

This gorgeous girl managed to capture hearts so quickly, I can’t even mention it. She is a member of the Magic Council and it is said that she works for Siegrain.

However, what I find the most attractive trait about her, it’s her appearance.

Because the way she has been designed seems new to the conventional design choices. For example, her hair is black.

This is a great trait for this series considering that many girls in the show have colored hair.

And that is what I can consider as a feature for the sake of adding value to this character.

22. Alberona Cana

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (23)

A gorgeous character has made her way to our list, weebs. This time, it’s Alberona Cana.

She is a member of the Fairy Tail guilds and her personality is quite attractive.

I mean, many of you would have already made her your Waifu but remember something important.

It’s that she had a short temper. So make sure you are aware of that.

As for her magic, it seems to be based on cards and revolves around it.

And one great feature about her is that she has been known for having a pure heart in the series.

So that makes her stand out.

23. Plue

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (24)

I know he can’t fight. But that doesn’t mean he is worthless. Plue is one of the Silver Key Celestial Spirits who isn’t blessed with any fighting prowess.

However, in terms of sheer appearance, this cloud-like creature is adorable on some new levels.

Bet on that. Moreover, he is quite wealthy as well. With his keys being sold for 20000 jewels.

And that makes him even more amazing. Add loyalty and obedience and you have one of the most captivating spirits in the entire series.

Who is not only lovely but also very useful. I hope you enjoyed him on screen.

24. Knightwalker Erza

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (25)

This name might remind you of someone else. And don’t worry, you are on the right track with your approach.

Erza Knightwalker is sort of like an alters ego who was said to be a part of the Edolas Kingdom.

Moreover, she was also 5he captain of the second magic war division. It is said that she was quite strong and impressive in terms of her approach and mindset.

Moreover, many believe that she is the Edolas counterpart of Erza Scarlet. And that’s why she is here, ladies and Gentlemen.

Erza Knightwalker stands as an interesting being.

25. Acnologia

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (26)

This huge dragon is nothing out of this world. After all, it’s Fairy Tail. Dragons are bound to be here.

However, we cannot underestimate its strength. Why? Because Acnologia is a beast when it comes to strength and speed.

He is said to be so strong that he tore down the strongest Mage to his core and the evilest person Zeref, also respects him.

Some even say that Zeref is afraid of him as well. And that is an amazing feat if you ask me.

After all, the Black Mage Zeref is the darkest in the world. So make sure that you have your distance with Acnologia.

26. Dreyar Makarov

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (27)

You know you are amazing when you are part of the 10 Great Holy Mages.

He is the Master of the guild and seems to not like the council at all.

He promotes the Fairy Tail to be open-minded and carry out tasks of their own will.

Moreover, as the story progresses, he becomes older and older which becomes more and more apparent in his physical appearance.

After all, he does seem like an 88-year-old man, right? And that is why his presence also becomes quite crucial.

After all, that’s what all of us would respect him for.

27. Justine Freed

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (28)

That’s quite a popular name we have here. I remember writing the Top 50 Green-Haired Anime characters and adding Justine at one of the places.

And that is the reason why Justine is going to be a matter of consideration for all of us, here on the list.

In terms of appearance, there’s no doubt that Justine is quite a being. With his seemingly arrogant appearance and green hair, he gives off villainous vibes that attract others.

And that is the reason why Justine deserves to be on our list. Even in the anime, he contributes quite a bit.

28. Strauss Lisanna

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (29)

You know she is gorgeous when her name includes Strauss. However, this comes as no surprise considering that she is a sister of Mirajane.

Lisanna I’d a member of the Fairy Tail group and she possesses the Take over magic.

Some of you might have the question, where is her member’s stamp? And the answer to that is simple.

It’s on her upper left shoulder. And currently, it’s on her left thigh. Thick thighs save lives, ladies and gentlemen..and that’s why Strauss Lisanna is here on this list.

It’s her presence that makes her stand out so much.

29. Mikazuchi Kagura

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (30)

This mage is from a rather unknown guild. Coming in from the Mermaid Heel Guild, we have Kagura.

She is one of the members competing in the Grand Magic Games. She is slim and looks very fragile.

However, her chest has different things to say. And that is why she stands out even more.

Plus, we have beautiful black hair and capturing eyes. So we can all agree that she is quite attractive overall.

And I don’t blame her since she does look after herself quite a lot. Therefore, Kagura is here on this list.

She deserves more love.

30. Vandalay Kotobuki Ichiya

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (31)

For being a gentleman, Vandalay Kotobuki Ichiya is quite a person. He is a mage who used Perfume Magic in his practice.

And although this might sound silly these Perfume Magic skills are what made him one of the top mages in the Blue Pegasus Guild.

Moreover, this is also the reason why he is the leader of the group Trimens.

And therefore, he is also a womanizer. However, it doesn’t seem like things go his way considering that he isn’t all that handsome.

But hey, at the very least, we can appreciate his efforts. After all, he trying well.

31. Charlés

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (32)

Do you see this cute little cat here? Well, that’s the one who is our 31st member boss.

And her name is Charles. Yup, she is. And that was quite vibrant considering her adorable and feminine look.

She is the partner of Wendy Marvel and that is why she becomes even more memorable.

To add to her qualities, she is also a talking cat just like Happy. So if you like Happy, you will love Charles.

That’s how adorable she is. However, to be fair, she isn’t quite as light-hearted as Happy but she is still a fun character.

Quite strict and serious though.

32. Angel

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (33)

Yup, that’s the name. Don’t question it. Anyway, Angel is one of the mages who are from the Oracion Seis Guild.

And this is a Dark Guild that has a ton of dark mages with high power levels.

And Angel just so happens to be one of them. Moreover, she is also quite amazing in Celestial Spirit Magic which makes her much more skilful than those around her.

With such an appealing and attractive look blended with skill and interest, we have a dangerous character that shouldn’t be ignored at all.

And that is what makes her look and stand out even more. That is why this woman is here.

33. Virgo

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (34)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we are entering the Zodiac sign department. With our first contender being Virgo.

She is one of the side characters in the show and is often referred to as Maid Spirit Virgo.

She is quite adorable in terms of her appearance and presence. However, what makes her have this spot in this list is her contribution to the overall narrative.

Her actions changed the course of events, quite a bit and that is what makes her stand out even more.

Her interactions with the main cast are even more precious so that’s another plus.

34. Cobra

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (35)

Although his name might not suit his physical appearance at first, in reality, the name is quite worth it.

Erik, also known as Cobra, is one of the members of Oracion Seis. And this guild has quite a lot of strong mages.

Cobra happens to be one of them. My man wishes to acquire Nirvana and I do support his dream.

However, when I realized that Nirvana is a destructive power that was sealed ages ago, I changed my outlook on him.

However, his badass appearance with snakes made me reconsider my thoughts.

35. Aquarius

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (36)

Oh boy, quite a beautiful lady we have got here. But you know, not everything that shines is a diamond, right?

Anyway, let’s take a look at her. If we talk about her personality, it is quite heart-wrenching.

Because this seemingly beautiful woman is a selfish and envious girl who hates Lucy. She is the Water Bearer and has long hair, with her overall presence being classified as a mermaid.

Moreover, she could summon herself into a body of water for someone else. And that detail makes her stand out even more.

36. Corona Flare

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (37)

Oh man, come on! This is ridiculous. Why? Because of the name of this character.

It’s Corona! Ahh, I hate it. But you know, can’t let my feelings get the best of me.

Anyway, Corona Flare is a fairy Tail character anyway so it doesn’t matter. She has red hair and follows the flared aspect of her name which makes her feel so much more special.

However, in terms of personality, she is creepy. She seems like a scary being whose expression can give you nightmares.

And that is what makes her stand out even more. She is a mage of the Raven Guild.

And man, I won’t lie, she is quite disturbing in a way or two.

37. Pantherlily

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (38)

This man right here is a recognized individual whose acts contribute so much to the overall series.

Pantherlily is one of the Exceeds I talked about earliest. However, what makes him so good is the fact that he works in the Kingdom of Edoras.

And the position he is assigned to is Magic Militia’s First Division Commander. That’s quite something for an Exceed.

And with the assistance of Akaoni And Majorina, his strength becomes quite something for us to take care of.

And that’s why Pantherlily is here on this list. He is no joke to be let off.

38. Strauss Elfman

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (39)

Coming in from the Strauss family, we have Elfman. He is an 18-year-old mage who is quite impressive in terms of physical capabilities.

I mean, he has the ability called Take Over which is an impressive feat on its own.

Moreover, with this ability, he can absorb the powers of Monsters and destroy them through and through.

Therefore, if you ever come across him in a fight, it will be best that you surrender or forfeit.

There’s no going back after messing up with this but man. And his skills are on a completely new level.

I mean, how else can you be one of the most skilled characters in Fairy Tail?

I can’t see a way.

39. Ashley Lucy

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (40)

Oh no, my friends. Don’t cross her with someone else. She is indeed who you are assuming her to be, but a bit different.

Ashley Lucy is Edolas’s counterpart of Lucy Heartfilia. And that makes her so much more memorable.

She isn’t omnipresent in the original anime but still manages to gain attention after appearing in episode 76 of the stores.

Moreover, she had the same blonde hair and brown eyes that make her attractive or even more than the original Lucy.

And that’s why I believe that Ashley Lucy deserves a spot on this list.

40. Igneel

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (41)

People should shiver when they see him on screen. He is the one and only, the incredible Igneel.

Igneel is a Fire Dragon who, as you might have guessed, is the Foster Father of Natsu Dragoneel.

And that is why this man is appreciated so much. As a father, this seemingly lethal dragon has shown signs of love and protection towards the other kind.

In fact, within the anime, he is looked upon as a major parental figure by the viewers.

Which just adds up more to his character and his overall appearance. You might be a bit easy on hostility now.

41. Vastia Lyon

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (42)

Vastia Lyon is one of the side characters in the show who uses Ice Magic.

It wouldn’t take us a genius to understand that he is associated with ice. He was the apprentice of Ur and it was because of Ur that Vastia Lyon learned Ice magic.

His relationship with Ur has been interesting, to say the least, and his overall strength is quite a lot as well.

So we can all agree that this white-haired man is worth a hefty value. I mean, just look at his eyes.

Those who seek in his eyes can sense the fear he emits, right?

42. Midnight

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (43)

Yeah, I know. We also have a character named Midnight in My Hero Academia. And while THAT Midnight is a top-tier waifu, this one is a Top Tier threat.

Moreover, he is he and not she so there’s that. Anyway, Midnight is one of the members of the Oracion Seis Guild.

We don’t have much intel on this character, other than the fact that he considers Brain as his brother.

However, he is not related to him whatsoever so his claims are considered to be baseless.

43. Silver

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (44)

This name reminds me of QuickSilver. Not only in terms of name but also appearance.

But before we talk about his looks, let’s get to know him a bit more.

He is one of the Ice Devil Slayers from the show and is called Silver “Absolute Zero” in yeh show.

Moreover, he looks quite a warrior on the outside and his scar gives us an idea of how experienced he is.

Moreover, with all his macho look and quirky smile, this man manages to capture quite a lot of attention.

And that’s why Silver is here on this list.

44. Aguria Yukino

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (45)

We have had a fair share of Celestial Spirit Mages at this point. But let’s just add one more, shall we?

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to tell you about Yukino. She is one of the Celestial Spirit Mages who belongs to Sabertooth.

As we already know, Sabertooth is the strongest guild in Fiore. And that’s what gives her more credibility.

She was with Sabertooth in the Grand Magic Games which brought the spotlight to her character.

And that is the reason why she is standing here on this list.

45. Meredy

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (46)

I have been watching anime for a decent amount of time now. And I can say that her name if translated into English, is going to be Melody.

Anyway, Meredy is one of the members of Grimoire Heart. She is also a member of the Seven Kin Of Purgatory.

She was found out by a group of peopleand that is where her story started.

If we talk about her appearance, she has pink hair and red eyes that contrast with a great colour scheme.

And therefore, her appearance becomes more adorable.

46. Bickslow

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (47)

Ever heard of Raijinshuu? Well if you did then Bickslow is the character for you.

He is quite an interesting being and his appearance is questionable for many of us.

It is said that he has a very weird self-presentation, eventually boiling down to being creepy.

And that might be true in the case of Bickslow in terms of Fairy Tail characters; to us, his design seems fairly decent.

And his blue hair stands out so much that we can’t help but like his overall look.

Although, the ones within the show would know better.

47. Millianna

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (48)

She is one of Erza’s friends. And not just any friend. She is Erza’s childhood friend.

Which automatically tells us that she is quite important to the overall series. Right now, she is working as a slave at the Tower Of Heaven.

However, what makes her so special is her cat-like appearance. Just look at her face, it is quite something, isn’t it?

And that’s why I think we should all take a moment to ensure that she becomes one of our Waifus.

All in all, a great character who has the potential to be more useful.

48. Aries

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (49)

An adorable pink-haired character is on our list, weebs. I think you are all Simping.

Stop! Anyway, let’s take a look at her. Aries is one of the side characters in the series who is known to be timid and soft-spoken.

On the other hand, this seemingly kind girl faced quite a lot of torture. And that’s how she turned out as she is today.

Her past was horrible and that’s why you and k should look at her with a sense of respect and admiration.

She has been through a lot.

49. Ul

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (50)

Talk about Ice Magic and you will realize that this guy is all around. He is a strong ice mage who was responsible for training a few people.

Leon and Gray. I think you know who these guys are. And yes, it was UI who taught him and made them as excellent as they are today.

He has gone against quite a lot of opponents whose levels are quite impressive. But being as good as he is, he managed to make it through all in all.

And that’s why UI is here on this list. This man is quite fascinating for sure.

50. Zancrow

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (51)

Zancroe is intimidating. He is one of the members of the Seven Kin Of Purgatory and is known to be in quite a havoc.

I mean, he seems to have an unstable brain which leads to him doing some insane stuff.

But if we talk solely about design, this man is quite a master. He looks like the final boss you have been avoiding for so long.

And his golden hair with red eyes make his appearance even more captivating and intimidating.

Quite amazing being for sure.

Top 50 Best Fairy Tail Characters Of All Time (2024)
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