Stellaris Origins Tier List: All The Best Origins (2023) (2024)

If you are looking for the best Origins in Stellaris, this tier list is just for you. This list features the game’s best Origins, ranked from tier S to C. Tier S features the best, and C features the worst. You can use this list to choose only the best the next time you play the game.

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Stellaris Origins Tier List 2023

Stellaris Origins Tier List: All The Best Origins (2023) (1)

S Tier Origins in Stellaris

The S Tier only features the best of the best Origin available in Stellaris. We recommend you to use them whenever you play the game.


The Hegemon is easily the best Origin in Stellaris, and with good reason. With the Hegemon, you will get 2 AI-powered allies who will do whatever you wish early into your conquest. You should use both of these powerful allies to conquer a minimum of 3 or 4 homeworlds that belong to enemies. Doing so will give you ~ 150 pop, and everybody else will only have 40. Now, you can throw out any one of these homeworlds and then repeat the conquering the progress. By continuously repeating this process, you will be able to get 240 pops way before everybody else gets only 50. Using this Origin will also result in you not consuming a lot of resources to conquer homeworlds even on the Grand Admiral difficulty.

A Tier

The Origins in this list are quite decent. They only lack ever so slightly in certain departments, which is why they do not make their way into the S Tier. Nevertheless, they make for great choices whenever you play the game.

Shattered Ring

The Shattered Ring is one of the best Origins you can use in the game, especially if you are aiming to play a tall science game. With that being said, tall has no real perks when compared to the current crop of bureaucrats versus sprawl. Despite this, the Shattered Ring is still quite good.


The Scion is a bit of a sometimes great, and sometimes not-so-great Origin in Stellaris. On some occasions, you might end up receiving a free 7k power fleet in the initial 10 years. But, on some occassions, you might not receive anything at all. What you do get, however, is a guaranteed support fleet in case you are losing in a war with lower than 80 Exhaustion, and your enemy has lower than 60 Exhaustion. This support will stop as soon as the war ends. Players tend to find the Scion a bit too random for their tastes, so this is something you should be aware of.

Void Dwellers

The Void Dwellers is probably one of the best Origins you can choose early on in the game. It is used for the production of alloy and science. With the help of this Origin, you can conquer homeworlds immediately and also acquire migration treaties to normal empires. You can also maintain your production bonuses while you genemod to another habitability.

Common Ground

The Common Ground is quite similar to the Hegemon. However, it is not better than it purely because Galactic Unions tend to be worse. This Origin works quite well if you wish to play a more tolerant and friendly game.

B Tier

The B Tier features Origins that are average, yet pretty playable. You can use them initially if you wish to, although you will pretty quickly feel the need to upgrade.

Syncretic Evolution

This particular Origin features decent trait optimization traits. As long as you keep the minimum and maximum levels proper, you will be able to stay on par with the Prosperous Unification. Eventually, you will be able to pass it too.

Prosperous Unification

The Prosperous Unification is usually the Origin that is used to compare all of the other Origins. The ones that are ranked significantly lower than the Prosperous Unification tend to be relegated to the lower tiers. Likewise, higher-ranked Origins find their way to the higher tiers of Stellaris. This particular homeworld will yield you an extra 25% of amenities, 15% of happiness, and 10% of resources from the job modifier. These will not be listed in the description of the Origin.

Post Apocalyptic

This particular Origin in Stellaris is quite weak, especially when compared to the Prosperous Unification. However, it does have the benefit of 10 additional leader years, plus the opportunity to colonize a world type that others would not be able to.

C Tier

This tier list features the worst Origins you can ever pick in Stellaris. We do not recommend you to use them at all. They offer little next to no benefit to you, making them pretty useless.


The Mechanist is one of the poorest Origins in Stellaris. By the time you catch up to the Prosperous Unification with this particular Origin, the Unification will most likely already have robots. Additionally, it will probably be way ahead in terms of production capacity.

Life Seeded

The Life Seeded will give you a Gaia world with an additional 10% resource production and 10% happiness. At the same time, you will have to forgo 15% of the Prosperous Unification’s happiness, along with 10% resources, 25% amenities, and 4% starting pops. Additionally, you will also lose the ability to colonize any other homeworld. In short, you will get nothing but a really huge homeworld that you will be unable to fill for a really long time.

Galactic Doorstep

This Origin, too, is not the best choice in Stellaris. This is simply because it is way too slow when it comes to finding a gateway that you can use.


By choosing Remnants, you do not stand the chance to acquire anything that is unique or of particular interest.

Calamitous Birth

The Calamitous Birth will offer you cheaper colonization. In return, you will have to run the risk of affecting the habitability of the worlds that you will colonize eventually. The only reason the Calamitous Birth features in the lower tiers is because it does not create a Massive Crater on each planet you colonize.

Lost Colony

The Lost Colony will offer you precious little apart from AI spawns that might assist you whenever you need their help. It can be seen as a hybrid between the Common Ground and the Hegemon. These AI spawns will appear quite close to you, but at the same time, you will need to use hyperlanes to get them. This can be quite tiresome. To make things worse, the presence of AI spawns will not assure you of their ethics. This means their ethics may differ from yours.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is quite a weaker start when compared to the Unification. Additionally, you will also have to pay much more per colony ship.

On the Shoulders of Giants

One of the reasons On the Shoulders of Giants is so poorly rated is because of the fact that the technology you will receive from it is quite useless. What makes things worse is the fact that the said tech takes ages to reach you in the first place. We recommend you take a much more powerful start. You can acquire the tech yourself too.

Resource Consolidation

The only real visible benefit of this Origin is the fact that you will receive a huge resource deposit on your homeworld. Most of this deposit is food though.

This brings us to the end of the Stellaris Origins Tier List. With everything placed in the relevant tiers based on benefits and stats, you will now find it easier to choose the right Origins. Of course, there can be differences on who you think is the best once you begin to play the game too.

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Stellaris Origins Tier List: All The Best Origins (2023) (2024)
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