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Chapter 2324: The Demon Prince’s Rage


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“D*mn it! How dare you hurt me!” the demon prince roared, unable to contain his anger.

He had thought that he had this in the bag, but who would have thought that he would be hurt by these people?

At the beginning, he had been cautious and had viewed these Supreme Youths of the Central Plains in a new light.

But now, after slaughtering several Supreme Youths of the Central Plains, he no longer held them in his eyes.

Although they were all Supreme Youths, these Supreme Youths of the Central Plains were simply too weak.

He had already instinctively forgotten that these Supreme Youths of the Central Plains had only cultivated for a short time. If they had cultivated for the same amount of time as him, they would indeed be able to compete with him.

However, the pride in his heart had already been planted and bore fruit. Now that he was suddenly stopped, it was as if he had been slapped. How could he accept it?

His eyes were fixed on Tang Siyu, who was covered in blood and in a sorry state. However, her eyes were wide open and her will was unyielding. Even when facing the demon prince, who was far stronger than her, she was not afraid at all.

“Very well. Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!” the demon prince roared, and the Nightmare Beast beneath him roared. Terrifying flames spread out. Even the Nightmare Beast’s strength was no weaker than an ordinary Domainian.


The Nightmare Beast charged forward like a bolt of lightning. In an instant, it arrived in front of Tang Siyu from afar. The demon prince waved his halberd, wanting to split Tang Siyu in half.

At the same time, Tang Siyu burned the divine power in her body and formed a huge domain. Above her head, the phantom of a jade girl appeared. The phantom held a long sword and suddenly slashed at the demon prince.


The two sides exploded into the most terrifying collision, setting off endless airwaves.

Tang Siyu suddenly fell and flew backward. She kept coughing up blood. She had suffered a huge loss from the collision.

On the other side, another huge wound appeared on the demon prince’s body. His armor was opened by Tang Siyu’s sword, leaving behind a huge wound.

Although Tang Siyu’s strength was far inferior to the demon prince, there was no qualitative difference between the two sides. There was only a difference in quantity.

It was like a child holding a weapon could hurt an adult holding a weapon.

They were essentially the same. One was a divine dragon and the other was an ant.

The demon prince’s eyes were filled with anger. He had never suffered such a big loss since he started his cultivation.

Right now, there was only endless killing intent in his eyes.

He had to kill all these people in front of him before he could calm the anger in his heart.

“Demons’ Extermination!” the demon prince roared in anger and struck out with his halberd.

In an instant, the world changed color. Everyone could feel that in an instant, that strike seemed to have sucked out all the light in the world and gathered on that terrifying halberd.

This attack turned into a huge shadow of the devil. This shadow had wings on its back and its eyes were cold. Although its expression could not be seen clearly, one could feel that it had an extremely cold expression.

He looked at Tang Siyu coldly and the halberd in his hand suddenly fell down, wanting to kill Tang Siyu with a single strike.

The demon prince was truly enraged, so he did not hold back at all. His goal was to kill Tang Siyu.


As this attack landed, the burst of light turned into a rain of light that covered the sky and covered all the light.

Just as everyone was thinking that Tang Siyu could not hold out any longer, a golden figure appeared on Tang Siyu at the critical moment and wrapped her up.

It transformed into an energy armor.

Tang Siyu had just crushed a scroll in her hand, and this golden figure was the product of the scroll.

This was the trump card that the Elder Princess had left for Tang Siyu to use for self-defense. It was just that Tang Siyu had never used it before, but now, she had no choice but to use it.

“Die!” The demon prince let out a sharp howl. His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked like a terrifying monster.

Tang Siyu stood up. With the protection of the phantom, her aura soared and she was now on par with the demon prince.

Tang Siyu held her sword and charged at the demon prince.


Everyone heard a huge explosion. The sky was shattered by such a confrontation, especially in the place where the two sides were fighting. The sky was dark.

In the distance, Huangfu Longhao and the others wanted to help, but they couldn’t because they were heavily injured. They could only choose to hide in the ancient city and activate the ancient city’s defensive barrier.

Although there was no way to block an attack of this level head-on, it could still block the aftershock of the battle.

Tang Siyu took one step at a time. She kept swinging the sword in her hand. Her sword technique kept on being displayed. Every time she displayed it, it became more and more exquisite.

Everyone could see that Tang Siyu had broken through on the battlefield!

The demon prince opposite her naturally noticed that Tang Siyu seemed to have comprehended something in the battle.

Therefore, at this moment, her strength was rising. If she did not die today, Tang Siyu’s strength would advance by leaps and bounds in a short time.

The more he thought about it, the angrier the demon prince got. First, there was Chu Yunfan, and then there was Tang Siyu. They all treated him as a whetstone—as if he was a stepping stone. They actually dared to fight on the battlefield so casually while comprehending.

Chu Yunfan, in particular, had entered a state of enlightenment.

Just thinking about it was depressing enough. Even if it was him, if he wanted to enter this state of enlightenment, it was something that could only be encountered by chance and not sought after. It was considered a fortuitous encounter.

Thinking of this, the killing intent in his heart grew stronger. He absolutely could not let these two survive. Otherwise, they would be a huge threat.

Thinking of this, the demon prince put down his killing intent toward Chu Yunfan. Instead, he crazily pursued and attacked Tang Siyu, using all kinds of terrifying methods.

Divine powers, martial arts, he had a perfect experience. He was simply invincible.


After a long battle, Tang Siyu spat out a mouthful of blood and was forced to retreat once again. Her phantom was reduced to a rain of light after a collision.

The trump card that the Elder Princess had left her had a time limit. Without a doubt, the time was up, and it was the most critical moment.

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - Chapter 2324: The Demon Prince’s Rage Free Read Online (2024)
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