Emily Compagno's Height, Weight, Bio, Measurements & More (2024)

When Emily Compagno says something, you can’t help but believe it! That’s what happens when a former lawyer and attorney hosts a news and talk show!

From being a cheerleader to being a full-time Fox News host, Emily has surely come a long way on her terms. And the Outnumbered co-host is here to stay in the long run.


  • Emily Compagno stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm.
  • Compagno boasts a stunningly fit figure weighing 49 kg or 108 pounds.
  • The TV reporter celebrates her birthday on November 9, and she recently turned 44. Read along to explore more about Emily’s personal life, career, measurements, and more.

Emily Compagno’s Age and Birthday

New Fox News host Emily Compagno turned 44 on the 9th of November, 2022. She hails from Oakland and was born in 1979 as a Scorpio.

Emily Compagno’s Educational Background

Be it her career or academics, Emily has always been a bright star. After graduating high school, she got a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Washington.

Then, she graduated as a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco School of Law. And owning to her intelligence, she became the President of the Federalist Society at the university and was also selected as an editor of the Intellectual Property Bulletin.

Compagno finally embarked on her thrilling journalism career after passing her California Bar Exam.

Emily Compagno’s Loving Family

Young Emily Compagno grew up in El Cerrito, California, with her two sisters and her parents, Katherine Bertsch and John Compagno. Emily once shared a lovely nostalgic photo of a childhood family vacation, hinting that she misses and loves her family!

  • Full Born Name:Emily Rose Compagno
  • Nickname:Emily
  • Occupation:Television reporter, Journalist
  • Date of Birth:November 9, 1979
  • Birthplace:Oakland, California, US
  • Education:University of Washington, University of San Francisco School of Law
  • Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
  • Father Name:John Compagno
  • Mother Name:Katherine Bertsch
  • Siblings:Natalie Compagno and Julietta Compagno Skoog

Emily Compagno’s Height and Weight

Renowned TV reporter Emily Compagno is5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm (1.67 m)tall and maintains her toned physique at49 kg or 108 pounds. Her stature definitely makes her look bold and graceful while delivering the news!

Emily Compagno’s Body Measurements and Physical Traits

Emily Compagno possesses a chiseled figure with estimated body measurements of32-24-35 inches or 82-61-89 cm. And every time the presenter gets on stage, she definitely has her audience glued to the channel.

With a slim body and shapely bosom, Emily Compagno seemingly wears a bra size of 30B with a cup size B.

Compagno is a brunette beauty, and she’s mostly seen sporting her long hair in wavy styles. And her dark brown hair completely suits her dazzling hazel eyes and radiant oblong face. Her entire aura is magnetic!

What’s Emily Compagno’s Fitness Secret?

As a former NFL cheerleader, Emily Compagno definitely shook her body a lot. And that’s a huge reason behind her toned physique.

Besides, the host now enjoys many outdoor activities, like snowboarding and horseriding, which keeps her active and in shape. So, if you want to look as chiseled as Compagno, you better step out!

Height5 feet 6 inches or 167 cm (1.67 m)
Weight49 kg or 108 pounds
Face Shapeoblong
Bra Size30B
Cup SizeB
Body Measurements32-24-35 inches or 82-61-89 cm
Dress Size4 (US) or 36 (EU) or 6 (UK)
Eyes ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown

Emily Compagno’s Favorites

  • Favorite Animals:Dogs, Horses, Kangaroo
  • Favorite Sports:Shooting, Snowboarding, Horse Riding
  • Favorite Place:Beach
  • Favorite Vehicle:Cars

A Quick Glance at Emily Compagno’s Career

Would you believe us if we said that the Fox News show Outnumbered’s co-host was once a cheerleader? Well, that’s right!

After passing California Bar, Emily Compagno started her journey as a criminal defense attorney. At the same time, she was cheerleading for the Oakland Raiders football team.

From the sidelines of the football ground, Compagno made it to the NFL, becoming its Ambassador. She was also chosen by the USO to visit the distant troops. This brought her into the limelight.

Emily then worked as a Judicial Extern, federal attorney, and in similar legal posts before she got the dream opportunity to become a legal analyst at the Fox News channel.

From there, Emily got a chance to co-host the talk show The Five. In 2020, Emily hosted the first season of the Fox News show Crimes That Changed America.

And finally, she became a permanent co-host on the show Outnumbered in 2021, alongside Kayleigh McEnany and Harris Faulkner. Emily is also quite active in spreading awareness about important causes.

Emily Compagno’s Net Worth

Emily surely made a stunning career throughout her journey from the football sidelines to the Fox News studio. She’s been an attorney, an analyst, and now is a popular host and TV presenter.

Over the years, Emily Compagno has amassed an approximate net worth of$2 millionas of 2023. And her soaring journey is only going to add to her fortune.

Exciting Facts about Emily Compagno’s Life

Emily has English, Bohemian, and Baden-Wurttemberg roots from her mother’s side and Sicilian descent from her father’s side.

Compagno is associated with many nonprofit organizations working for good causes like law enforcement, US veterans, etc.

As a cheerleader and legal extern, Emily has traveled all around the world, including Brazil, South Africa, Iraq, and Kuwait.

An interesting thing about the Compagno family is that many members, including Emily’s father, uncle, and great-grandfather, served in the army.

Emily Compagno’s Social Media

If you’re a fan of Emily’s hosting, you can find her on social media to stay up-to-date about her professional and personal life adventures!

What face shape does Emily Compagno have?

Emily Compagno has a gorgeous oblong face that speaks volumes about her confident aura.

What is Emily Compagno’s hair color?

Emily Compagno is a natural brunette with long wavy dark brown hair.

Does Emily Compagno have hair extensions?

Emily mostly sports her long dark brown hair and doesn’t need hair extensions.

What color eyes does Emily Compagno have?

Compagno has radiant hazel eyes, which match and complement her dark brown hair.

Did Emily Compagno leave Fox News?

Emily Compagno has been a permanent co-host on the Fox News show Outnumbered since 2021 and occasionally co-hosts another show, The Five. So, no, she hasn’t left Fox News.

Did Emily Compagno go to college?

Emily Compagno attended the University of Washington, graduating with an arts degree in political science. She then got a JD degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Where does Emily Compagno live?

Emily currently resides in New York City.

The Fox News host Emily Compagno found her way and took the hosting scene by storm. Like Emily, another stunning and award-winning journalist who rose from the field sidelines is Lisa Guerrero. Join us to explore Lisa’s life!

Emily Compagno's Height, Weight, Bio, Measurements & More (2024)
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