40 Sketchbook Ideas to Make Your Drawings Interesting (2024)

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40 Sketchbook Ideas to Make Your Drawings Interesting (2)

So, you love drawing but run out of the sketchbook ideas that you can use in your drawings and finished works to make them even more interesting?

You have a habit of keeping a sketchbook, but it has become a challenge for you to know what to draw in your sketchbook. Do not get worried guys, we have got you covered here in this blog.

Just read till the end and explore over 80 ideas for those days when you are looking around like what should I draw in my sketchbook?

At times, it is difficult to think about ideas for our sketchbooks. We look at our blank sketchbook pages but we fail to get some ideas to jumpstart our creative juices. The only solution to this is to draw more because the more we draw, the better we will get ideas.

A sketchbook is not just a piece of paper and a place to practice, it is one of the best places to plan, draw, and find some drawing inspiration. Drawing in a sketchbook is not only relaxing but fun as well.

But studying the fundamentals of drawing and practicing your drawing skills is very important. To perfect your drawing skills, you need to learn the basics of drawing including value, perspective, composition, and proportion, and repeat them over and over again.

Get ready to try these amazing sketchbook ideas and say NO to blank pages!

So, you want to expand your sketching capabilities. You want to try out some new ideas. Have no fear because, in today’s blog, we have created a list of 80 drawing ideas that can get you sketching right now and can surely make your drawings beautiful and attractive, no matter what your drawing expertise is.

These ideas may range from everyday objects of your home to architectural drawings and life drawing. We recommend you to try out all the ideas so that you can get to know sketching from every perspective, whether it’s observing how to draw a one-point perspective or two-point perspective. Plus, it is equally important to invest in good drawing supplies to get the best results. You need to get the best drawing pencils and colored pencils along with a good sheet of paper.

We have divided the sketchbook ideas into three main categories — simple drawing ideas, challenging drawing ideas, and drawing from imagination.

Challenging drawing ideas will give you a bit challenging of course but they will be completed in just no time, resulting in beautiful artworks. So, let’s learn these drawing ideas with step-by-step tutorials that will show you exactly how to implement those ideas.

Let’s begin with simple drawing ideas. We are calling them ‘easy’ because the shapes or lines used in such drawings are simple and do not need many techniques.

One of the simplest yet interesting sketchbook ideas is to draw a stack of books. Find some old books from a book corner in your room and stack them up. Draw it from different angles.

If you want to draw books with a pencil sketch, all you need for this is a sharpened pencil, an eraser and a nice sheet of paper. You can also fill the books with your favorite colors.

A houseplant always makes a good subject for drawing. By drawing a houseplant, you can combine natural features with some solid elements such as you can draw a potted plant having some light effects on it.

Before starting to draw, get your art supplies so that you can concentrate on drawing instead of collecting supplies.

Open your closet and find an ordinary item in it. That’s a pair of shoes, go and draw it. You can go for a pair of shoes that fit a businessman or you can draw your favorite sneakers. For this piece of drawing, try to start with a rough but light pencil strokes.

One of the simplest sketchbook ideas is to sketch the shape of the cloud and sky. You can draw a sunny sky, a starry sky or clouds. You can draw clouds and the sun in your other paintings to make a scene look more beautiful and attractive. With a pencil, eraser, and paper, you will need cotton or a blending stump to blend the shading area.

Want to get some drawing inspiration? Go to your kitchen, get some utensils, toss them on a table, and draw them as they land. As you cook with adventures, similarly add some fun in your drawings by sketching kitchen utensils. You can put some fruits and vegetables on a table and draw them from various angles.

If you are a country lover, drawing a city skyline is a great idea for you. Most people think that a city skyline is a bit complex to draw but the fact is it is quite simple and easy to draw a skyline. With some lines and connected rectangles, you can add layering to draw more rows of buildings.

It will be a great sketchbook idea if you want to practice your drawing skills or you are just looking to fill an empty space.

If you have a cat or a dog in your house, draw them. In case you do not have a fuzzy animal with you, do a quick search on Google, and make a drawing.

If you are not interested in drawing a stack of books, take one book, open it, and make a drawing on it from different angles.

Another sketching idea that you can try is to draw a piece of jewelry. Open your jewelry box, take out a ring, a necklace or a bracelet, and draw it. You can also do a pencil sketch on it on you can fill it with colors if you want.

One of the simplest sketchbook ideas is to draw a towel in different positions. You can draw a hanging towel or a crumpled towel as you want.

This drawing idea will definitely assist you in bringing some creativity as well as positivity to your days!

While you are making drawings of kitchen utensils, why not open your fridge and draw whatever inside it? You can draw a bottle of jam, a pouch of sauce, or a pot of fruits and vegetables.

Drawing roses is not only easy but have fun and adventure in it as well. As the rose is said to be a symbol of love, so you can draw it and present it to your loved one.

For a beautiful sketch of roses, you need to take a bit of practice but if you try it over and over again, you will have a lot more beautiful sketches of rose all over your house.

We always have our smartphone with us so it will not be a bad idea to pull it out from your pocket, lay it down, and start drawing. Beginning with the general outlines of the smartphone, draw its buttons. You can give them color as well.

Another great idea is to draw a pile of folded or unfolded laundry. Drawing folds of laundry is a bit challenging. To show cloth folds, you can implement line drawing as well as shading to show compression and tension applied to the fabric. Believe me, your portraits will look realistic due to these techniques.

If you are fond of studying the planet Earth, why not learn how to draw a globe. It is a great activity if you want to practice symmetry and proportions at the same time. Get a nice sheet of paper with sharpened pencils. First, draw a big circle and then go for drawing curved, horizontal, and vertical lines to add a final detail to your globe.

You can create a stunning drawing of fresh-cut bouquet of flowers. For drawing flowers, try colored pencils, hone your drawing skills, and masterfully create lifelike drawings.

Drawing the inside of your closet with clothes is another sketchbook idea you can try.

Sitting idle? Want to get some drawing inspiration? Take out your colored pencils and paints and draw them. It is very easy to draw a pencil as you need to draw only three parts — point, cap or barrel.

It would not be a bad idea if you try to draw trees outside the window of your room. All you need to do is draw the branches and the crown and then find a balance that you are happy with.

Take a regular sketching pencil and start drawing. If you know nothing about drawing, you may go for drawing a simple tree.

If you love doing makeup especially eye makeup, then the best thing you can draw is smokey eyes. Yes, it is right. Take a sheet of paper with some good drawing pencils. With the help of this drawing, you can try different eye shapes as well.

Why not draw a robot today? Drawing a robot is one of the simplest sketchbook ideas that you must try if you are sitting alone and want to draw something to get some inspiration.

So, you love listening to music on your headphones? Why not try drawing your headphones? Believe me, it will be a great idea that will not only give you inspiration but will make your drawing fun as well. How? Arrange them neatly or put them on the table as they are, I mean in a tangled mess and then draw.

If you want to enhance your drawing skills and are exhausted with every drawing option you have, it is the best time to draw a car. It is not only simple and easy but can increase your drawing skills as well.

A unique sketchbook idea is to draw a fruit cut in half. Take your favorite food, put it on a plate, and cut it into half. Now take a paper and draw this fruit. You can also add colors to enhance your drawing.

To draw a dragon, the first step is to draw two circles that may serve as the guide to the dragon’s body. Try to maintain the proper size and spacing of the circles as it may determine the dragon’s size. Besides pencil sketch, try to give a color to your dragon. Use dark colors on the top of the head and neck.

So, you want to draw something without having to leave your comforter’s warmth. Making a sketch of your pillows is not a bad idea at all. You can show folds of cloth with the help of a pencil sketch.

Another easy sketchbook idea inspired by real-life is to draw house keys attached to a key chain.

If you want to acquaint your children with domestic animals especially cows, it is not a bad idea to make a drawing of a cow. It is very easy guys. You just need to learn some simple shapes and it will not only become a doable task for you but a lot of fun as well. You can add colors also.

Do you love coffee? While drinking coffee in the evening, it would not be a bad idea to draw a cup of coffee. Put it on the table and start drawing it from different angles. You can also go to a coffee shop and try drawing there.

To add creativity to your drawings, start making a drawing on a cartoon penguin wearing a scarf. By drawing some simple shapes, you will get a drawing of a penguin. All you need is a drawing paper, a black marker, and some crayons.

For making your drawings fun, try making a sketch of butterflies. Add colors to enhance your artwork.

Get outside of your comfort zone and draw a spider with its web.

So, you are waiting for a class to begin. Pass your time by drawing a school desk.

Take a cup of pencils, put it on a table, and start sketching.

Choose your favorite creature who lives in the water. If you like an octopus, start making a sketch on it.

Want to get some drawing inspiration? Go outside and start drawing the leaves of a flower.

For drawing a lifelike portrait, know how to draw a smile. You can draw other facial features as well such as eyes, nose or ears, etc.

Take a picture of balloons from the Internet or buy a few. Take a paper and draw them. Use good-quality colors as well.

If you want to draw something unique and different, try making a sketch of fish.


It is easy to get into a sketchbook but what if your mind is out of ideas? It’s the worst, believe me. The above-mentioned top 80 ideas, tips, and resources will surely help you to get to drawing for your sketchbook.

If you want to get perfection in your drawing skills, practice is very important. You need to dedicate some time to this pursuit and by practice, you will be able to draw simple sketches to figure drawing to fully-rendered portraits in just a short span of time.

You can dedicate a specific time for this activity or you may even try out these ideas when you are bored or you want a break from your daily chores or you do not want your mobile!

So, what are you waiting for now? Try out these amazing sketchbook ideas, practice your drawing skills, and add more to your creativity!

40 Sketchbook Ideas to Make Your Drawings Interesting (2024)
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